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Samsung Power Product Finder

A new Samsung laptop battery and charger will make the perfect power product for home and office. They are ideal as a replacement or as a spare to keep in your laptop bag whilst on the move. Our handy product finder will help you find the perfect power product for your laptop in just 2 easy steps.

Use our power product finder below to find the right battery for your laptop. If you can't find what you are looking for then simply call us on 0845 3455000

PRICE GUARANTEE - all of our power products are covered by our price match guarantee

Picking Batteries for Longevity

When you purchase a Samsung laptop battery, your first instinct will be to give it a full charge. Before you do, make sure that you've got the proper model and charger for the job. An improperly charged battery will store and provide less power, and chargers that aren't the right fit may not charge the battery at all. You can confirm whether or not the battery is right by researching information on the laptop itself before you make your purchase.

If you have a particular model that works best with a particular type of battery made by Samsung, it's always best to go with that model. Never settle for less with your laptop or your power source, because laptop batteries can get expensive if you need to replace them too often. The idea is to get a battery that will last you for at least two years of use, if not much longer. Just how long that is all depends on whether or not you purchase the right battery, and how well you take care of that battery while you are using your laptop computer.