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Compaq HP Power Product Finder

A new Compaq Hp laptop battery and charger will make the perfect power product for home and office. They are ideal as a replacement or as a spare to keep in your laptop bag whilst on the move. Our handy product finder will help you find the perfect power product for your laptop in just 2 easy steps.

Use our power product finder below to find the right battery for your laptop. If you can't find what you are looking for then simply call us on 0845 3455000

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HP Laptop Battery

Hewlett-Packard is a leading name in the world of computers, and has been for decades. When it comes to their laptop division, HP is no different; each and every device that they make is designed with exact specifications, delivering powerful performance wherever you need it most. HP Laptop batteries are also designed to provide the best performance with HP-designed and manufactured laptop devices, which are popular with both students and professionals. If you own a HP laptop device, consider HP's batteries as being the very first that you should choose. Picking the right batteries for the right laptop does make a difference in the overall performance of the machine, but it can also mean a longer lifespan for the battery as well. Because HP batteries are designed for use specifically with HP architecture, they can provide power more consistently and for greater periods of time. If you own a HP device, and you need a replacement battery, then choose the best battery possible. There are many different HP devices and battery models available, so be sure to pick the options which best match your device and your current needs. Chargers are also available for those that need a replacement.

Tips to Improve Your HP Laptop

Using a new HP battery in your laptop can provide you with an extra boost, especially if you're using a model which is three years or older. Battery technology changes all the time, and new models are released onto the market as new battery standards are discovered and manufactured. There are other ways to improve the performance of your battery, and your laptop as well. Keeping the battery contacts clean with rubbing alcohol will make sure that there's nothing getting between your battery and your laptop. Also, try adding more RAM to your device, as that can cut down on the amount of power that your laptop uses. Without RAM, the laptop will access virtual memory from the hard drive, which isn't as efficient in terms of power consumption. Finally, consider degraffing your device. Not every hard drive needs to be defragged; SSDs, for example, can actually have their lifespan shortened by the process. Traditional hard drives that are defragged can mean less demand on your actual laptop, which means less power consumption when you need to perform a task.